This January: Prison Book Program Matching Gift

PBPJanuary matched buying program! Buy a book, we’ll give a book.

This month, when you order a copy of Winged, we will donate one book to the Prison Book Program.

The purpose of Winged is to spark conversation about human dependence on pollinators by connecting a wide range of readers through the power of story. We’re determined to make the book available to readers of all kinds, through donations to libraries in schools, cities, and prisons.

The Prison Book Program is a grassroots program that has been sending free books to prisoners since 1972. Here is its mission statement: “[We mail] books to people in prison to support their educational, vocational and personal development and to help them avoid returning to prison after their release. We also aim to provide a quality volunteer experience that introduces citizens to issues surrounding the American prison system and the role of education in reforming it.”

The Prison Book Program collects and distributes book donations to people in prisons all over the United States, except California, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, and Texas. If you’d like your matched book to be sent to a prison book program or library in one of these states, please look into requirements and contact with the program information.

If you’re a non-profit or librarian interested in acquiring a copy of Winged for your collection, please contact