Fox Contemplates the Nature of Bees, A Poem by Kathryn Machan

Bee Fascinated Print By Debra Hall


Let’s talk about them, bees.
Let’s talk about the honeycomb
that keeps them going, keeps them buzzing
around the queen who is their Core

huge and pure and full of sweet
so full and pure and huge she lives
to shape existence in the hive
that hums its own true universe

beyond lungs’ breath, beyond tongues’ taste,
gold and gold from hot sun’s gold,
the center of their conversation,
bold firm bodies, busy wings.

Image: “Bee Fascinated” by Debra Hall, via Grey Pepper Art. Appears by permission.

“Fox Contemplates the Nature of Bees” first appeared in The Ithaca Times in January 2013 and appears by permission of Kathryn Machan.

MachanKatharyn Howd Machan, Professor of Writing at Ithaca College, holds degrees from the College of Saint Rosethe University of Iowa, and Northwestern University. Her poems 
have appeared in numerous magazines; in anthologies/textbooks such as The Bedford 
Introduction to LiteratureThe Best American Nonrequired Reading 2013, Early 
Ripening: American Women’s Poetry Now, Literature, Sound and SenseWriting Poems
and in 32 collections, most recently H (Gribble Press, 2014) and Wild Grapes: Poems of 
Fox (Finishing Line Press, 2014)Former director of the Feminist Women’s Writing 
Workshops, Inc., in 2012 she edited Adrienne Rich: A Tribute Anthology (Split Oak 



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