Beehive State: A Poem by Amy Brunvand

Beehive State
Amy Brunvand


Deseret, which, by interpretation,
Is a honeybee is the only
Word I ever learned in reformed Egyptian;
Utah is the land of milk and honey
According to the Book of Mormon. That’s why
We call ourselves the Beehive State. Our hives
Are full of matriarchal insects sweetly
Pollinating flowers, not sister wives,
And by our motto, “Industry”, we mean
We are like busy bees, and not that we
Stand in support of uncontrolled pollution
Released from factory farms or industry
Of that sort, never mind what the Deseret News
Reports about Utahns’ conservative views.


BrunvandAmy Brunvand is a librarian, part time nature mystic and monthly contributor to Catalyst Magazine in Salt Lake City, Utah a.k.a. “The Beehive State”.   Her recent poems have appeared in Red Savina Review, Journal of Wild Culture and Mom Egg Review.  Some of her Catalyst articles can be found here:


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